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Overhead Shower
item no. Descriptions
QX-2028A 1.ABS material
2.Diameter 200mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2024A 1.ABS material,recyled one. 2.Diameter 180*130mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2004A 1.ABS material .
2.Diameter 150mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2022C 1.ABS material,recyled one. 2.Diameter 180*110mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2025A 1.ABS material,recyled one. 2.Diameter 200*200mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2023C 1.ABS material,recyled one. 2.Diameter 150mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2038A 1.New ABS material and acylic.
2.Diameter 65mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2006(1) 1.ABS material ,recyled one. 2.One function and diameter 100mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2027A 1.ABS material,recyled one. 2.Diameter200*200mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2034AC 1.New ABS material. 2.Diameter200*200mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-2033A 1.ABS material,recyled one. 2.Diameter220*190mm.
item no. Descriptions
1.New ABS material and acylic.
2.One function and diameter 115mm,with single color
item no. Descriptions
QX-2002A 1.ABS material,recyled one. 2.Diameter220mm.
item no. Descriptions
QX-KE-2042T(LED) 1.New ABS material and acrylic.
2.Diameter 200mm with
single color
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